TT No.39: Keith Aslan - Sunday 27th December 2015; Glebe v Lewisham Borough; Kent Invicta League;           Kick-Off: 13.33; Result: 9-1; Admission & Programme: 5; Attendance: 171 (130 home, 0 away & 41 neutral)


Another miserable Christmas with Santa Claus missing me out yet again. It doesn't matter how many letters I send him, replete with Google Maps pinpointing my house, my stocking remained unfilled. He found the 6 year old girl's house three doors down without any problem and she was riding round on the new bike he'd bought her, but where's my "David Cassidy's Greatest Hits" CD?
To get over my disappointment I took advantage of the generous seasonal gesture by South East Trains to actually run some on a Sunday and visited Glebe's new ground. 8.60 more to travel to Bromley South than 15 miles further on to Victoria. I obviously bought a ticket to Victoria but how many people would know? Another little gem from the privatized railway. It's a 269 bus from Bromley with the 160 also stopping outside the ground, and between them the two routes cover a fair selection of stations in that part of London. The ground is what you would expect, railed, enclosed, stand, floodlights and a comfortable bar. Top notch grub available at low, low prices.
Glebe are still suffering the aftershock from their last home game, a visit from those psychopathic funsters A.C London, a match that was abandoned with five minutes to go when their players started fighting with the home team and then the spectators. The "Kentish Football" website has all the gory details and it's quite obvious those pre-match 'Respect' handshakes didn't do the job. Again. An ambulance was called to take away the wounded, so were the police and apparently 20 of them turned up, which is 20 more than you'd see if your house got burgled. One ground hopper present said " I have never witnessed anything close to what I saw this afternoon" Obviously he missed out on F.C. Sofia then. The Glebe manager and chairman didn't pull any punches (much like A.C. London) and I quote again from the Kentish football website " Please tell me that the footballing powers are going to remove the vermin that sours the game" Wow! In the interests of balance the website also has the A.C. London take on matters written by the fabulously named Prince Choudary, who at 20 must be by far the youngest manager at this level, written in the style of Hans Christian Anderson! Apparently everyone wants A.C. London to fail, which given their "previous" for starting wars might well be true. As they were winning 4-2 when they did their Bruce Lee impressions, what are they like when they're  losing? Todays matchday programme was a big let down with the league having told both parties to shut up until they've carried out their investigations. All we got was a bland statement from the chairman, 'I have every confidence in the authorities and look forward to hearing of their decisions in due course. Until then I don't think it would be helpful to make further comments' A bit late for that I would have thought? Also the chairman must be the only person in the universe who thought that today's game would be a 'difficult match'.
The game was a straight forward top v bottom clash which was always going to be a home banker. Interestingly (well I found it interesting) was that prior to the game Glebe's goal difference was 48-13 while Lewisham's was 13-48, a symmetry that was well lost by the end. Lewisham's priority was to keep the score down, and with a brave defensive display they kept Glebe out for the first 12 seconds. They went 2-0 down two and a half minutes later and throughout the match they conceded on average every 10 minutes. Biggest cheer of the afternoon came when they scored their solitary goal midway through the second half.
With a large gathering of hoppers, three headcounts were taken two of them around the 135 mark. Mine, which is quoted above, was well out of synch at 171. The official attendance - 178. I really am very very good.


contributed on 27/12/15